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About Us

     Our goal is to provide individualized client oriented computer and network consulting. We put forth a genuine effort to listen to what you need to accomplish and then direct a cooperative effort to achieve that objective.

   There are a number of talented individuals and firms that can install & configure all sorts of technology. What sets us apart is, in addition to that, we understand that the reason you invest in this technology is to improve your life, your business and your bottom line.

   We will make sure that you get an excellent return on your IT investment.

Why Us?


   Information Technology is a large portion of everybody’s budget. However many businesses & particularly individuals find it is not realistic to hire a full time employee to focus solely on IT. On the other hand expecting an employee, manager or even yourself to take valuable time away from what you do best in order to focus on technology, may not be the most practical approach either. All too often economic challenges result in just hoping that it will all somehow keep working without any attention, frequently with devastating results!

   So how can you have a full time IT professional without having one on the full time payroll? This is exactly where Okie Dokie LLC will benefit you. We can tailor a plan that will work within your budget that will effectively manage technology and protect your data. It is not normal for networks to go down and for computers to lock up or be losing their connection all the time.

   As with any equipment, regular maintenance results in more reliable service and can minimize devastating surprises. If this kind of proactive approach makes sense to you, let’s discuss how we can make everything Okie Dokie for you! 

How we make things Okie Dokie for you!

I don't just work on computers...I make computers work!

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